Practicing Medicine Has Never Been More Challenging. 

Start now to support your team members to RETHINK, RETOOL, and REBOUND.

The challenge: healthcare workers need help preventing burnout

and promoting wellbeing.

Burnout and wellbeing have been important concerns in healthcare for decades. But over the past few years, clinicians, administrators, and staff have been dramatically impacted by the global pandemic and ensuing changes in healthcare.

Here are a few reasons why healthcare professionals are in need of targeted and immediate support:


60% of physicians, nurses, APPs, and pharmacy professionals are now experiencing burnout.

(State of Wellbeing, 2021)


50% of healthcare professionals are seeking help for stress & resiliency, emotional problems, and suicidal thoughts. 

(State of Wellbeing, 2021)


Healthcare professionals with a high level of distress are at 7X higher risk of burnout and 3X higher risk of severe fatigue.  

(State of Wellbeing, 2021)

These statistics have a powerful, negative impact on business:


43% of physicians have considered reducing their hours due to burnout.  

(Goh et al., 2020)


There's been a 200% increase in medical errors due to burnout. (Shanafelt et al., 2017)


One in 5 healthcare workers have quit their jobs. Of those who kept their jobs during the pandemic, one in 3 considered quitting. 

(Morning Consult, 2021)

$5 billion

Healthcare spends $5 billion/yr in reduced productivity and increased physician turnover.

 (Yates, 2020)

the solution is to RETHINK, RETOOL, AND REBOUND.

Our consulting approach and leadership content is based on decades of research in stress & burnout, employee engagement, and best practices in organizational/leadership development. We help organizations, teams, and individuals:


  • How to manage workplace stress
  • How to recover from crisis and burnout
  • How to apply evidence-based approaches to address workplace stress at its source
  • How to realign to a core calling and purpose


  • Build new skills and habits to boost self management and improve relationships 
  • Apply best practices in emotional intelligence and healthcare coaching
  • Modify key systems, processes, budgeting, and staffing models to reduce inefficiencies and burnout


  • Help organizations, teams and individuals fully rebound from stress and burnout
  • Promote a culture of resilience and wellbeing
  • Create forward momentum for long-term, sustainable results

about us

Discover how we can make a difference with your organization

We have 50+ years of combined experience and expertise in:

  • Neuroscience/NeuroLeadership
  • Stress & Burnout
  • Employee Engagement & Performance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Change Agility
  • Crisis Management
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Development
  • And much more


Check out what our clients say about us

Nich Cossey Physician Director

Practical, Evidence-Based

Pam's presentation was very good, data rich, and quite practical with several evidence-based suggestions for things we could each do to improve burnout. She also presented categories of things institutions can do to help alleviate this, too, and my physician recruitment and retention specialist is building a retention program based off these suggestions. I definitely would feel comfortable recommending Pam to other organizations who are dealing with over work and burnout.

Debra Hunter Former CEO/COO

Offers Real Solutions

Pamela Coburn-Litvak has both great expertise and an ability to help others create change. I recently attended her presentation on Burnout and the Great Resignation. Her research on that important topic is thorough and deep. She understands the dynamics in society and in the workplace that have led us to this crisis. More importantly, she offers real solutions to managers and leaders who have the courage and will to tackle the problem and to develop better workplaces. I strongly recommend Pam to both inspire you and help you move to action.

Laura Martina Chief People Officer

Deep background

Pam draws from a deep background of stress research to create engaging and informative workshops for leaders. Our organization appreciated her presentation on compassion fatigue so much that we asked for an encore presentation at the annual conference. Pam works extensively with her clients to customize every workshop or presentation to fit their needs.

Kevin Taylor Physician

Outstanding, World-Class

I have had the privilege to work with Pam in our collaborative efforts to address burn out and wellbeing in the health care environment. Pam is an outstanding collaborator, educator and program developer. She has world-class knowledge and understanding of the impact of stress on health care professionals. She is highly skilled at translating this knowledge into well-crafted, engaging presentations.

Susan Wranik CCC-SLP


Superb program! Most enlightening. Thoroughly researched and meticulously documented material with exceptional presentation skills. First tier. Dr. Pamela Coburn-Litvak delivers.

Kendall E. Williams PhD Sr. Vice President, Operations

Unparalleled Levels in Our Industry

Kate has introduced a wide range of learning and development initiatives that promise to take our organization to unparalleled levels within our industry. She is masterful at her delivery, and always sponsors a positive, servant, can-do attitude...her passion for transforming organizations is evident, and her involvement instills great confidence in the department heads and employee base.

Emma McCulloch Communications Director

Extremely Grateful

Pam and Kate facilitated a fantastic Stress Management session for our organization’s geographically distributed employees. The combination of providing a forum for our employees to discuss their challenges during COVID, sharing some theory, and then outlining Stress Management strategies was a winning formula. We have received so much positive feedback about the session and we are eager for Pam and Kate to come back – they left our employees wanting more!

Pam and Kate were a joy to work with. Responsive, flexible, and willing to work with us to tailor the Stress Management session to the specific needs of our employees. Our organization was extremely grateful, and it made for a more compelling session, that these experts were able to adapt their delivery so that the session felt totally customized for us. We look forward to a continued, long-term partnership with Pam and Kate.

Joseph Russo L&D Executive

Skills in Leadership and Management

Kate is a dedicated professional who I have worked with for several years. Her skills in leadership and management are of the caliber that is often sought after. Kate’s interpersonal skills add to her ability to manage people and gain the respect from those who have worked with her in any capacity. It has been a pleasure working with her.

Anne Elliot Sr. Leader Digital Experience

Fantastic Workshop

Kate facilitated a workshop that I attended, and she did a fantastic job. The participants of the class were at first reluctant to open and share experiences and thoughts. Through her thoughtful questions and by creating the right mood and tone to the class Kate was able to get the participants engaged and actively involved. She was enjoyable and effective.

Mike Morrison PhD

Balcony and Ground-Level

Kate is one of those few souls who can get up on the balcony and be strategic -- and then quickly implement ground level applications that truly work. Whether its one-on-one coaching or inspiring others from the front of the room, Kate is a credible and knowledgeable leader who has special insight into the challenges of building high performing work cultures. She also has a wonderful feel for balancing training and education strategies with more consultative interventions in organizational development. Simply said, Kate is great!

Lois Coburn VP Human Resources

Instrumental in Leading Change

Kate has been instrumental in leading change, developing a learning strategy and creating a learning culture to develop staff at all levels as we prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. Kate is driven, easy to work with and gets the job done.

Start NOW to RETHINK,