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Outstanding, World-Class


I have had the privilege to work with Pam in our collaborative efforts to address burn out and wellbeing in the health care environment. Pam is an outstanding collaborator, educator and program developer. She has world-class knowledge and understanding of the impact of stress on health care professionals. She is highly skilled at translating this knowledge into well-crafted, engaging presentations.

Kevin Taylor Physician

Compassionate, astute, committed


Kate is a compassionate, astute and committed coach and colleague. She brings a tremendous amount of HR experience to her work and offers a perfect balance between support and challenge when discussing career experiences, goals and action plans. Kate is very skilled at staying objective and on point in meetings and sessions, but also knows just when to insert empathy at key moments. Kate is a gem and I would (and have!) highly recommend her services to anyone seeking an organizational partnership or executive coaching.

Kate Slattery Healthcare Executive

Practical, Evidence-Based


Pam's presentation was very good, data rich, and quite practical with several evidence-based suggestions for things we could each do to improve burnout. She also presented categories of things institutions can do to help alleviate this, too, and my physician recruitment and retention specialist is building a retention program based off these suggestions. I definitely would feel comfortable recommending Pam to other organizations who are dealing with over work and burnout.

Nich Cossey Physician Director

Exceptionally talented


Kate is exceptionally talented in her field and would be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to have her join their team. She is people savvy and a great communicator. Kate is innovative and an effective leader who is able to share a vision and win the respect and buy-in of others.
I recommend Kate without reservation.

Robert Carruth CEO

Deep background


Pam draws from a deep background of stress research to create engaging and informative workshops for leaders. Our organization appreciated her presentation on compassion fatigue so much that we asked for an encore presentation at the annual conference. Pam works extensively with her clients to customize every workshop or presentation to fit their needs.

Laura Martina Chief People Officer